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Register now to Europe’ s southern ski mountaineering event!

Registration forms are open. All necessary information is on published on this site and will be updated regularly. Stay tuned! We are expecting you all during the first weekend 4 & 5 of March 2017 for another Pierra Creta experience! More details about the schedule and the event will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!

for more photos visit flickr and for the 2014 video here!


A few words about the event…

Pierra Creta is a ski mountaineering race held in the mountains of Crete. It was organized for first time in March 2014, and in 2015 as a team race with great success. After two successful consecutive editions, “Pierra Creta” is a bi-annual event!

A few words about us & the idea…

We are a group of people living in Crete and the idea to set up such an event on the Cretan mountains, came to us with beers at hand. The fact that our island is mainly a mountainous rocky terrain and a spontaneous wordplay with the “Pierra Menta”, gave us a name… And the name was “Pierra Creta” (Creta is the Latin name of Crete). During the early stages of our thoughts about the event, we used this name and eventually became hard to give up on it. We loved it so much and it was so fun telling the others about it, that it became the official name of our event. Please, do not get us wrong but, it is not and never was in our intention to compare with the Pierra Menta (how could we?) and we hope that this is obvious . It is  a source of inspiration and a role model to us.

Our effort is to enjoy skimo as much as we can, and along with friends from all over Greece, to promote ski mountaineering in our country and inspire more people to engage with it. Our event is aligned with the above aim and it pursuits to make ski mountaineering, known to people of Crete and to show to other Greeks, already involved, and people abroad that Crete is a place for it.

In memorial…

This year’s events are dedicated in memory of our friend Kosta Leloudi that we missed recently.

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